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RE Market forecast for June 2022

If you're reading the real estate news headlines, between interest rates reaching new highs in decades, and inventory still tight, yet more listings are taking price reductions, it may be difficult to tell which direction the markets are moving. They are fickle and can change faster than people realize.

We utilize market data driven tools to keep an eye on things like what your specific house might be worth, or what is happening in your neighborhood, as do many others. We also however, track market movement across different neighborhoods, zipcodes, and Austin as a whole and I work to keep this forecast relevant and updated monthly. We can specifically show you where market movement is shifting, and which neighborhoods are providing better value for the many dollars it takes to purchase in.

For a look at the June North Central Austin Market Forecast, check out our full report below:

06-15-2022 X Forecast - Share!
Download PDF • 162KB

For a copy of a previous report, or if you'd like to receive these automatically just email us at with your request.

Educated home owners are able to parse through the sales tactics of agents overpricing listing presentations, or promising things that the market isn't showing. Be informed. It can save you both time and money in the end.


Curious about where to turn for Tips for improving Curb Appeal and better showings? Checkout a recent blog entry right here:

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