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We started Canady Realty back in 2005 to help us serve the people in and around Austin navigate their real estate transactions.  We worked up until that point previously for both a medium-sized independent real estate brokerage, as well as the larger national brands people are familiar with.  We grew our brokerage before the markets turned in 2007, and continued to work as the markets evolved.  We've been helping people navigate the home buying process since the 1990's here in Austin.  We've come to meet interesting people, make friends, and cultivate some valuable relationships along the way.  We're excited to get the chance to meet you, and see where tomorrow may take us.


Austin, Texas is a diverse city growing rapidly.  We're consistently listed amongst the " Best of " lists that numerous publications online and off continue to write the praises of Austin and it's appealing nature year after year after year. There's a reason Austin continues to capture the hearts and minds of people coming to visit and those coming to stay. Austin has a wonderful food and restaurant scene with notable award winning chefs.  Our music industry is the heart and soul of Austin and continues to entertain us while evolving with the times.  Austin has a large high-tech employment footprint led locally by Dell, and it continues to expand with companies like Apple continuing to put in large campuses, Tesla Giga Texas coming around Austin, Google leasing an entire office building downtown that could potentially bring in thousands of jobs to the city and area.  Couple that with the University of Texas, one of the very largest employers within Austin, and the future continues to bright here deep in the heart of Texas.


Real Estate can provide people opportunities they may not otherwise find within other financial investments or endeavors.  It works on multiple fronts to help people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.  It can provide a sense of home, for a growing family owning their first house.  They may develop cherished memories within their home that help them along the way.  Real Estate presents possibility of investment opportunity and income generation from investment real estate.  It can give people opportunities to create passive income streams, and retire earlier than they might have originally planned, or travel more than they did before.  Real Estate currently sits at a confluence of technology, personal interaction, and and free market principles providing an exciting environment that moves fast and continuously injects new people into our lives.  

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