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Tips for improving Curb Appeal and better showings!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Spring is the season of change and transformation. Spring brings sunlight, new growth, and a fresh outlook on the year ahead. While you may not be able to change the location of your home, you can change its condition to attract top dollar when putting your home up for sale. If you are looking to attract buyers for your home this spring, get ready to sell with these Spring home staging tips:

What can people do?

Start with the outside of your property – ensure a clean exterior appearance by power washing your siding and sidewalks, washing windows and shutters, clearing winter debris, clearing up the gardens, and pruning the trees and shrubs. Often as little as a fresh coat of paint on the front door can present an inviting and welcoming first impression. Depending on your location, yard space can be a sought-after benefit. So, if you are lucky enough to have any amount of outside space, do your best to maximize it to its full potential.


When mowing your lawn, consider mowing diagonally to make your yard appear larger

Freshen Up the Interior

Scrub down the inside of your home until it shines! Clean the interior by organizing, de-cluttering, and deep cleaning the whole space. It is also a suitable time to store away any winter attire and equipment laying around. It is important to note while doing this to avoid jamming your clutter into your closets. Most buyers are interested in the closest and storage space you have to offer so expect them to be looking in those places. Storage units and containers are also another great option should you require more space.


Try to free up as much surface space as you can on shelves, coffee, and side tables – especially kitchen countertops. Wicker or rope baskets can be perfect for throwing in items that you need but do not necessarily want to see or have a place for.

Embrace New Beginnings

Embrace the fresh new beginning of Spring brings opportunity into your home. Do this by accenting colorful artwork, decorations, pillows, throws, and displaying glass bowls filled with seasonal fruit. Any accessory against a neutral backdrop will add warmth and energy into any home. Replace dark winter towels with fresh, colorful towels for the bathrooms and kitchen. If you do nothing else, make sure your home is clean, clutter, and odor free – remember that you are used to your pet’s smells, but your buyers are not! Try to let natural light in as much as you can to make the rooms appear larger. Also consider bringing in real plants to add some color and make the home feel closer to nature. It makes your home feel like a true home, not a hotel or museum.


Incorporating the sweet and beautiful smells of spring is one way to ensure that your house smells amazing when buyers visit. Making your home smell like a Spring day provides a pleasant odor that can help boost your buyer’s mood. Some of the best smelling Spring flowers to display in your home are lilies, peonies, and hyacinths. Lemons are also a good natural deodorizer that can add nice splash of color to kitchen. If you prefer non-perishable items, consider using spring-scented candle warmers or diffusing essential oils.

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