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Keep on Rocking!
The Legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan
We would like to welcome you to our site, and we are happy to tell you that this site is dynamic in that we created it with you in mind.  We are constantly striving to add more functionality and usefulness for you the web user.  Feel free to explore this site.  We have valuable tools here at your disposal.  Look for homes that you're interested in, find information to help you understand what a home could cost you, locate the links for great information about Austin, Tx, and much more.

Here at Canady Realty we believe firmly in the value we provide to our clients.  We prefer to devote our time into providing that service, hoping our clients would be so impressed they continue to refer us their closest friends and family.  


Austin's Bat
Home of the bats!!!


Our goal is to serve others in the purchase or sale of residential homes, investment properties, or business real estate assets.  Most Realtors spend over 80% of their time and efforts looking for business from the general public.  What we do is devote our time providing our clients with 5-star services they've come to want and deserve.  In return, we greatly appreciate the referrals our clients pass along to us.  By referring us clients, we spend less time and energy into prospecting for new business, and instead reapply that time and energy back into the clients we are working for.  Nurturing lifelong partnerships allows us to work together to achieve your goals, and once your goals have been achieved, ours will follow.  Our success as a Real Estate Brokerage is measured by how successful and pleased our clients and associates are as a result of our relationship.  We truly believe you can get anything you want from life, but doing it by helping others get's us there faster.  Our mission is to build strong, lifelong relationships, one person at a time, beginning and continuing with you.
In your success, we not only find our value, we define it.

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Isn't that pretty pink granite?
Capitol of Texas